Oberlin Community Events

January 13–March 18, 2018: Reconstructed Color Petra Soesemann, Betsy S. Manderen Gallery, FAVA, 32 South Main St., Oberlin.

January 13–March 18, 2018: Cirque du Crows Nancy Weymouth Halbrooks, South Gallery, FAVA, 32 South Main St., Oberlin

January 16-May 15: A Century of Asian Art at Oberlin: Japanese Prints, Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin

January 19: AMAM in the AM, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin

January 21: NOYO Winter Concerts, Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin. 1:30pm- Amati Strings, Wind Symphony, Sinfonietta Strings, Madison Tucker, violin. 4pm: Philharmonia Orchestra, Annie Palmer, xylophone

January 23: Oberlin Heritage Center presents The A Side and B Side of Arthur Dann, Kendal at Oberlin, Heiser Auditorium

February 8: Allen Art Museum presents First Thursday with Julie Nelson Davis, Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin.

February 11: Oberlin Heritage Center presents African American Business Owners of Oberlin, Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Oberlin’s House of Zion Fellowship Center

February 16–18 and 23–25: Mad Factory of Oberlin presents “The Addams Family,” at Lorain High School, Lorain.

February 17–March 19: Oberlin Heritage Center presents Courage and Compassion Special Exhibit and Programs.

April 21: City of Oberlin’s Annual Earth Day Run, Tappan Square, Oberlin