Noble Vines Pinot Grigio, 152, San Bernabe, Monterey, 2015

For centuries, vintners have singled out individual vines that produce exceptional grapes. A select few have stood the test of time, and have been granted numbers to distinguish them. Noble Vines. Pinot Grigio's noble roots go back to the middle ages. A natural offshoot of the famed Pinot Noir grape of Burgundy, by the fourteenth century it was grown in Switzerland, then Italy, evolving along the way. Pinot Grigio selection 152 originated east of Champagne in Alsace, a well-studied match to our similarly cool vineyards in Monterey, California. Noble Vines 152 is distinguished by lively floral aromas and flavors of fresh citrus, peach, and a hint of minerality, with a notably rich texture and crisp finish. Serve with fresh salads, pasta, seafood or roast chicken. - Charlie Hossom, Vine Grower. The deepest roots grow Noble Vines. Sustainability. Quality. Family. 13.5% alc. by vol. Vinted and bottled by Noble Vines, Napa and Manteca, California.